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A Stable Filly

This week I finally sat down my horse riding instructor to record a podcast. I met Lydia Revill early in 2020 and within two riding lessons she had volunteered to help us with the 100Ks To Utopia fundraiser (raising money for MS Queensland). With that offer, it further cemented my opinion of Lydia as being an awesome chic, which I'd already drawn as my conclusion after the first riding lesson.

Okay, so in the podcast I make brief mention of how I wish I had riding lessons before having children, I probably need to take this opportunity to explain this a little better. This idea comes from learning from Lydia the strict boundaries she places on the horse, with no room for negotiation on either side, particularly the horses side. While Lydia builds mutual trust with the horse, you see the horse try harder and harder to please her. Lydia constantly provides verbal encouragement to the horse & when they earn a reward you can feel the love between the horse & their trainer.

So if you translated these skills into being a parent, aspects of setting boundaries and developing routines and trust are models worth exploring. I think I got there eventually as a first time mum, but it took me longer than if I had experienced professional riding lessons.

Lydia holds her lessons at her equestrian complex situated at Teddington Weir. She is less than an hour from Hervey Bay, only 20 minutes from Maryborough. Her set up includes floodlighting for evening lessons, a competition standard dressage arena & plenty of yards for client's who wish to bring their own horse. If you are a newbie to horse riding, Lydia has several horses well trained for beginners.

Lydia has a background in education, and that professional teaching shines through in our lessons. I really like how Lydia provides space around the skills I am practising. This space allows me time to correct myself, before she jumps in to suggest, compliment or correct. She is also very patient with clients who repeat the same mistakes over and over again....just saying.

If you are a first time rider, a rider with special needs, interested in learning about how to

care for your horse and ride also, take some time to chat with Lydia to see if she can assist you. As she explains in the podcast, her calendar is pretty full but I am sure she is a wait list for interested future clients.

Thank you again Lydia for volunteering to support the 100Ks To Utopia! I cannot imagine not having you on our team!

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