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A Happy Brain

We eat oranges to fight colds & flu, we wear jumpers to avoid catching pneumonia in winter, we wear safety glasses when grinding. So isn't it logical to think we do "stuff" to protect our brain. Protect our brain, protect our mental health.

Counselling & medication may be the commonly prescribed treatments for mental illnesses, but that is once diagnosed. What are the simple steps we can take to build our brains to be as resilient as humanly possible? Doesn't it make sense to prevent an illness, rather than accept a treatment is the answer?

Mental health may be in the spotlight and on a lot of agendas, but if you are diagnosed with a mental illness, it stays with you, unlike a cold, broken bone or a skin rash. It still remains part of you, so doesn't it make sense to follow the simple steps to set yourself up for the greatest success for a healthy brain?

This is only a personal point of view shared by Trevor & Annie Boulton, who don't profess or attempt in any way to portray as counselling. They are open & honest about their own lived experiences with mental illness & share their experiences & learning journey through their organisation Holistic Mental Health .

Trevor shares his mental health battles & self medicating with beer & cigarettes, while Annie shares her own story where leading a career focused life & losing everything & mentally breaking down. These are very real and personal stories that both Trevor & Annie share with only one goal, to help others.

Their work in educating from early childhood educators, primary & secondary school students & adults, has spanned two decades. They understate their skills but given their achievements, are evidently extremely talented in multi-media & communication. They have now taken their journey another step forward, and have just released their first book "How to protect a child's mental health".

As Trevor & Annie express in the podcast, Episode 54: Man starved brain & a can of sardines , they are easily contactable for anyone wishing to chat for help, just to talk, or to find out more about what they do in their education fields. To understand where the title of the podcast came from, you will just need to listen to the whole podcast to have a giggle & understand.

Trevor & Annie have many endorsements on their website, testifying to the value of their

training. Whether you are an educator, support worker, individual or parent, they extend the invitation to contact them for any further information. They would love to hear if you heard the podcast or read this blog.

Thanks Trevor & Annie for sharing your stories & time with Everything Fraser Coast.

For immediate help if you are in need,

call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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