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A Burning Need To WAX

Meet Mandie Robinson, local Fraser Coast lady on a mission to do what she can to raise some money to give to the Rural Bush Fire Brigade. Mandie is a Massage & Beauty Therapist , also with an aged care working background, and her sensitive side has driven her to embark on her own fundraiser. She met with me recently to share what she is hoping to achieve, and to see if she could fix my hairy toes.

We had a brilliant laugh in our short quirky podcast Episode 58: Wax Fundraiser For Bush Fire Rescue and if you didn't have a chance to hear it, the information is detailed in this blog.

Mandie's business Essential Body Massage, is hosting 24 hours of waxing. Broken into 30 minute timeslots, with an average of $30.00 per wax, she aims to raise $1,000 over the two days to give to this valuable organisation.

Sessions are available on:
Friday 30th November, 2019; &
Saturday 1st December 2019.

To book your spot, find Essential Body Massage on facebook., or call 0435 166 111.

Mandie thank you so much for organising this event,

perfectly timed for the bikini line to kick of summer!

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