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100 Boxes Heading West

Listen to Episode 62: Hand Up For Farmers to hear about Andy Riley's quest to do her bit for the battling drought-stricken farming community of Australia.

Andy is a local woman who just happened to see a national media story about Aussie Helpers about five years ago. After seeing the story she took action to become involved. Each year she has collected non-perishable foods & toiletries from friends & colleagues for collection by Aussie Helpers. Those goods are then donated to farmers to give a helping hand in a tough time.

Fast forward to 2019. The drought continues. The number of farmers in need is hitting all time high in volume, the impact is spreading closer to the coast with towns now set to run out of water later this year. For Andy, this meant a change in strategy and she took her quest public on a simple social media post.

What has followed is another community spirited story to highlight how wonderful our region is. How generous our people are. When you consider our town has a diverse mix but significant number of pensioners, we have stepped up & so far donated over 100 boxes of items for Aussie Helpers to distribute. This is significant compared to the 5 or 6 boxes in previous years. It is all because one lady heard and then acted.

I know Andy would be most uncomfortable with the praise I write, but it is really important to

highlight that we all have an opportunity to make change. One little ripple in the water can spread a long way in making a difference.

To help Aussie Helpers you can visit their website HERE. Their website has lots of facts and images on how you can help. This is a registered charity and any donations can be tax deductible.

Locally, drop your non-perishable item or toiletry item to Andy Riley at Milestones, Ground

Floor, Signature Building, Torquay Road, Scarness.. Andy is thankful for any donation you can provide.

Thank you Andy for raising the awareness of how we can help farmers suffering in drought. Also for bringing it to our attention that it isn't just the farmers, it is their families, their pets, their livestock and of course their future. There just doesn't seem to be enough noise able to be made about this natural disaster.

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